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On 14.08.1991, Pryde Group GmbH was founded by Manfred Rassweiler as Shriro Sportvertrieb GmbH (Shriro). Its headquarters was based at Oberweg 21 in Unterhaching.

In the founding year, Shriro began distributing Tiga windsurf boards.

In 1992, Shriro took over the distribution of the NeilPryde brand, the world leader in windsurfing sails.

The range was expanded in 1994 with a small selection of NeilPryde wetsuits. In the meantime, the range features more than 200 different products.

Due to the expansion, by 1998 Shriro had already had to move twice to bigger premises in Unterhaching.

In 1999, the distribution contract was concluded with Roberto Ricci who was then a small manufacturer of exclusive windsurf boards.

On 1.11.1999 , distribution moved to Bergstraße 7 in Taufkirchen as the old premises had once again become too small. A storage area of 2,500 square-metres, as well as office areas of 600 square-metres, have since offered the ideal basis for the distribution of fun sports items.

In 2000, the range was once again expanded with the addition of a further windsurf board brand JP- Australia.
As the range at that time had a fairly big focus on windsurfing, the distribution range was expanded by the addition of the kitesurfing brand Cabrinha.

For further risk distribution, in 2004 Shriro took over the distribution of the Group's own snowboarding brand Flow and purchased the brand rights for the Icetools brand.
Although these were related sports, this diversification did not yet fully protect the company against crises.

In 2005, the Shriro Sportvertrieb company changed its name to that of its parent company, Pryde Group GmbH. The ownership and owner ratios remain unchanged however and have remained the same since the founding.

In the same year, the Austrian market was added to the distribution area and a branch was consequently founded in Innsbruck. In addition, the kite neoprene clothing brand NPX was added to the product range.

2010-2012 distribution of the hawaiian beachsandals Olukai

2010 distribution of NXTZ within the winterbrands

2011 takeover of the SUP brand imagine sales 

2011-2013 distribution of the english surf label Animal

2012 NPX and NeilPryde Neopren become one brand called NP SURF

autumn 2013 Pryde Group Germany starts the Europe distribution of  France, UK, Benelux, netherlands, Luxemburg, Italiy and Switzerland. The european shipment is managed from Taufkirchen.

2014 Pow Gloves comes as a new brand to our distribution.

2017 Nidecker comes as a new brand to our distribution.

Currently, Pryde Group has more than 50 salaried employees and six freelance sale representatives.


Bitte hier die Beschreibung einbegen


NeilPryde Windsurfing is the original brand of Pryde Group and the benchmark for quality and performance in the windsurfing business.
Since the NeilPryde brand was founded in 1981, it has always focused on the research and development of new designs. It is the market leader in the windsurfing industry and number one on the water.
Nowhere is this more evident than in the RS:Racing range. This range has not only dominated the racing scene, but – thanks to Frenchman Antoine Albeau – it also won the PWA Slalom World Championship title in 2007 and broke a new world speedsailing record of 53.27 knots in 2015.
Between 1988 and 2015, NeilPryde sail and rig won consecutive world titles and this is still one of the main brands used in national and international windsurfing competitions. NeilPryde Windsurfing is the official supplier of windsurfing sails, rigs and boards for the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.

"It’s the wind that can tell THE DIFFERENCE".


Right Stuff for Radical Action
Named after Jason Polakow, the former wave surfing world champion and the figurehead of the brand, JP- Australia is a first-class, high-performance brand for windsurf boards with a large product range of more than 30 boards. Lighter boards for more fun. As a result, it was always JP-Australia’s passion to build the lightest and most stable boards on the market. This is still the case today and always will be in the future.
JP-Australia offers its boards in four different versions: Honeycomb (Gold Edition) – Pro Edition – Full Wood Sandwich – Epoxy Sandwich.
JP-Australia Boards is the multiple award-winner of consumer tests and is regularly listed as the "most popular board brand" in Europe in highly regarded industry surveys.

NeilPryde Waterwear

In 2007, NP was founded as a neoprene clothing brand for kitesurfers, wakeboarders and surfers. This innovative brand is geared towards the specific needs of kitesurfers, wakeboarders and surfers and caters for all demands. As the market leader for neoprene clothing, we have the expertise to produce suits with a perfect fit.
The suits stand out due to their striking look. The NP range is characterised by graphic designs and colourful neoprene. In 2009, NP launched the first two-piece drysuit LUCIFER, which looks like a snowboarding suit.
NP not only offers the right suit for all temperatures, but the collection also features Lycra pieces, Heatseeker and Thermabase technology, as well as vests, boardshorts, gloves and much more.


Cabrinha is an established kitesurfing company. Founded in 2001, it is run by the water sports enthusiast Pete Cabrinha who lives in Maui. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance kiteboarding equipment: it produces everything – from kites to boards to accessories.
The particular focus of our products is quality, safety and ease of use. The location of Maui gives us the perfect research and development opportunities. Here we are able to perform tests in all wind and water conditions. In combination with our own highly modern production site, this guarantees us a high level of continuity and precision in design and production.
We will see us on the water.


In 1995, Roberto Ricci founded his own company in Italy and, in his own words, began producing "water toys" for both young and old.
To this day, he has made it his daily task to develop the best possible products for all water sports enthusiasts. Our whole passion is about thinking up the idea for a new board, kite or sail, testing this, trying out something new and seeing whether it works.
"Enthusiasm and passion are a large part of our sport and, as long as we feel these emotions, we will continue to produce better and better 'toys' for YOU" (Roberto Ricci).

Flow Snowboarding

In 1992, Neil Pryde commissioned a study to find out how the very young snowboarding market could be technically enhanced. The result was the design of a binding with foot loops similar to those of windsurf boards that is both more comfortable to strap on and offers a better power transmission. This idea turned into the patented In-Up-Go system for which Flow snowboard bindings are today famous. In 1996, the first Flow binding was presented at the ISPO in Munich. In the years after this, the Flow product range was expanded and optimised with boots and boards. For a few years, there have also been special products for women and children that are tailored to their specific anatomical needs. The binding product range was completely revised in 2006 and now offers four different chassis of forged aluminium or high-grade plastic.


Icetools was established in 1986 and has been a part of Pryde Group Germany since 2003. Today as in the past, passionate winter sports enthusiasts develop snow equipment for kindred spirits. The focus is placed on affordable functionality without neglecting the stylish aspects of the equipment.
It all began with a few pads, leashes and simple boardbags. Today, the collection comprises functional backpacks, practical travelbags and stylish ski and boardbags, pads, leashes and tuning equipment. Since its launch in 2002, the Protection Line has been particularly successful as it offers affordable, tested safety and a perfect fit. The 2008 range was expanded with the addition of classic protectors with plastic shell reinforcements, such as the Spine Jacket, as well as the EVO Series. These protector vests and belts of the EVO Series with CE-tested EPS shells provide maximum protection combined with a lightweight, perfect fit.


In 1984, Nidecker set out to build the best snowboards in the world. Today, years later, the mission has not changed. We still strive to build the best snowboards in the world, period. Since ’84, our products have won numerous awards and accolades for their quality and the cutting edge innovations they incorporate. Snowsports organizations and magazines around the world have recognized Nidecker as an industry leader for decades.


We have a 125-year history of making our own products in our own factory, and our design team works year-round with our amazing team of riders to develop the best performing snowboard products in the world. Our factory’s location in the heart of Switzerland means that our design team has convenient access to some of the best mountains in the world to test all of our products. We’re out there riding them in every condition possible, with only one goal: to make sure only the best, most fiercely tested, products make it to you. We are snowboarders, designing and building snowboards for the most discerning snowboarders.


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